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The Osorio Family Circus

Maureen Beitler | Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Brazil

Circo Osorio setting up the "big top" outside of a small town in the state of Colima, Mexico.

Photography is my way of looking beyond the surface of things to something deeper and more personal. The circus is paradoxically the perfect vehicle for this exploration because we know the magic, masks, and theater are all an illusion. And yet we want to suspend disbelief and be carried away by the spectacle we see. I wanted to pull back the sparkly red curtain and meet this family of characters where their public and private lives meet. The Osorio family has been living nomadically and working together since 1940. Their itinerant lifestyle can be extremely hard work. I met them 5 years ago and have photographed them whenever I have traveled to Mexico and was able to find them. I photograph people and the environments in which they live because I am curious to see what is behind their outward gaze and visage, to try and glimpse in their faces where they have been and where they hope to go.Their hopes and dreams are not always communicated literally but if I am lucky I get a glimmer of the human story lived behind the curtain.

Maureen Beitler


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