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We've Got Nothing Better To Do

Michael Nigro | United States

Nineteen were injured in Charlottesville, Va., on August 12, 2017, after a driver plowed his car, pictured, into a throng of protesters. One counterprotester died after being struck by the vehicle.

I use images as a megaphone for people who have witnessed the news of their lives being dismissed or ignored, who are putting their bodies on the line and shouting their frustration into what is, far too often, the closed portal that is the "elite media." It is their energy and passion that compels me to stand on the frontlines of resistance along with them and attempt to capture their courage, their fear, their frustration, their tenacity and their story. My goal is not to compete with the 24-hour news cycle but rather to create images that can inspire conversation, invigorate activism and, perhaps, instigate real change.

We are all complicit in the inequalities and injustices in this world. Complicit because we're either ill-informed or because it's willful or because we'd rather just check out and not engage.

But that's what the camera is for; it's to make us recognize that we're responsible and have a social contract with each other. By covering these often under-reported and sometimes dangerous actions, my hope is that people will witness what they otherwise may not know is happening and then, hopefully, it will inspire them to consider creating a more fair and just world.

I began shooting protests during the beginning weeks of the Occupy Wall Street movement in September of 2011, and have continued to do so ever since, covering everything from individual acts of civil disobedience to marches of 400,000-plus. And while the protest issues are vast and varied, the tether is simple: people's voices have been stripped away, rendered powerless and made politically impotent. I hit the streets because the corporate lens largely ignores this growing frustration. I shoot to give 'voice' to those who feel they have no other recourse but to take to the streets and shout and scream and protest because, really, at this point, we've got nothing better to do..." - Michael Nigro

Michael Nigro

19 4th Street Brooklyn New York 11231

Cell: 917.816.4418

Email: Michael@partiallysubmerged.com

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