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TUSU Festival - Festivals of Tribals of PURULIA


Good luck symbol made of dry Grains.

TUSU is the most famous local festival of PURULIA district. From the first day of the month “Poush” we can found “TUSU geet” in every where in the district. The unmarried girls and women are the main priest or organizer.  On the end of ‘Poush’ just after immersion of TUSU the holy bath either  in river is the great part of this festival which is known as “Makar Snan”. 

The Decorated thing is called "Choudal" which is used for the worship. 

“Aasshche maker do dini sabr kar saya saari jugaar kar (The festival is just two days away, so arrange new clothes),” boys sing to tease young girls as the excitement of Tusu grips inhabitants of West Bengal. Such folk songs reflect the simplicity and innocence of tribal people who most vociferously express their love and affection for Goddess Tusu.

Tusu, also known as the harvest festival of West Bengal,thereby a part of the State’s colourful tradition to other regions of the nation.

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