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Impact of Nuclear radiation in Jadugoda


Since 1967, the Jaduguda region of Jharkhand has been exploited for its uranium and so have its people. 71 years later it has created a tragic legacy which includes loss of health, disease, deaths, ruining of social fabric and professions, environmental destruction and irreparable damage to the ecology. Here is a clear presentation of how nuclear radiation impacts generation by generation in Jadugoda.

Sita tudu of chati kocha village is physically disabled (Legs), since she was 6 years old.

Jadugoda. The Dark Underbelly of Uranium Mining in India. After almost 71 years of Independence, there is another India which nobody talks about. Why? Because nobody knows about Jaduguda. Jaduguda in Jharkhand is one such cursed place. Cursed, because it has India’s largest uranium mines. A curse called uranium has poisoned generations and will continue to haunt all future generations too.

After gathering such details regarding the place, I decided to visit the place to document the radiation affected people and their daily life. I was very much surprised when I eye-witnessed the clear scenario of such radiation affected people. More than three among ten people are suffering from physical ailments as radioactive uranium seeps into the ground and contaminates the groundwater and rivers. They are suffering from severe water crisis as natural water became poisonous due to uranium radiation.

I talked to them, heard about their situations and problems, tried to document their illness and present situation to give a light to this burning question in the name of development.

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