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Stephanie by Rania Matar

This exhibit challenges cultural assumptions about women and girls. Spanning ages and cultures, the images are powerful statements about gender and society.

Rania Matar’s series, A Girl and Her Room, captures adolescent girls searching for identity in America and the Middle East, focusing on the universality of growing up.

Nancy Grace Horton’s Ms. Behavior investigates female roles influenced by mass media. These humorous critiques hold a mirror up to society.

Emily Schiffer’s Native American girls reveal an "openness” that dissipates in adolescence.

Tira Khan’s portraits of her daughters explore prepubescent moments.

Marky Kauffmann’s Lost Beauty presents the altered faces of older women, questioning our obsession with youth and beauty.

Blake Fitch’s Dress Rehearsal provides a glimpse of girls trying on femininity for the first time. These portraits are powerful and defiant.

Nadine Boughton’s series, Fortune and the Feminine, deconstructs mid-century advertising and its messages about gender and power.

Taken together, these images ask viewers to listen to female voices. They are speaking out!

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