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Market women

Namutebi Gertrude | Uganda and Liberia

A woman asks her fellow market women how the business is going that morning in Karlewe market,Kampala Nov. 1,2019.

Market Women

My exhibition story is about women who are knowledable about their business out necessity with a sense of purpose and who don’t take no for an answer when it comes to making ends meet. They love what they do since this business sustains their families. Some are mothers ,they come with their children to work ,others have left their ancestral homes for the city in search for a better life. Others have just finished university and due high unemployment rate decided to try the market business to look after their younger brothers and sisters. These women have their business in Kalerwe an open air market located on northern edges of Kampala city. The market is crowded,messy,noisy and has majority women. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life in the market, the market women usually know each other and help one another to carry the burdens of life. There are vegetables, fruits and other types of farm produce that are spread out on their market stalls that are well arranged and the market has very cheap produce compared to other markets in Kampala.

Photographer's statement

Having been disturbed with the idea to document world, I am passionate young woman who has an ambition to document and tell stories visually. My love has for documentation in the fields of daily life,history, nature, humanity and the environment has triggered my eye for colour, patterns, lines and shapes to come up with photography projects that will inspire and change society. My ambition is to contribute to improvement of social issues and to fight this passive mentality that my society suffers from, hence the need to wake up people and to reflect, ”Hey! You ought to be active, you cannot be like a packed car.” We should not wait to be told what to do. If necessary we should make the necessary sacrifices to make this world a better place. My projects inspire change and get people to action as well preserve the memories of the past for future generations.s

Ugandan and Rwandese Newspapers

Free lance photographer and projects

Namutebi Gertrude Mirriam

P.O.BOX 947 




Stories of different women who take no for an answer  inorder to make ends meet for their families.

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