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Pandemic in Focus

Open For Take-Out During Corona Virus Times

Nancy A. Scherl | New York, NY, United States

Waiting For Customers.

Open For Take-Out; During the Coronavirus Times captures how we are reacting to imposed social isolation to protect ourselves from a lethal virus and live our lives during these unsettling times.

We are timidly venturing into the public. One of the ways we are connecting is by buying food from our local restaurants, coffee shops and bodegas, many of whom are open for take-out services.

Owners of popular restaurants and coffee shops in  New York City are trying to stay open for take-out orders until the number of hospital cases and deaths from the pandemic subside substantially. Many of the bodegas in Fort Tryon, Washington Heights and Inwood, in Northern Manhattan, also struggle to stay open. Both staff and visitors wear masks and try to keep their distance from others by staying six feet apart. This has become the new normal in most public places. The uncertainty that pervades both surrounds and binds all of us. 

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