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Lobola Ceremony at eLudzidzini Royal Residence

Neo Ntsoma | Lobamba, Swaziland

Organization: Neo Ntsoma Productions

001_Royal Swati Lobola
Day 1: The bride who is also the princess of the Kingdom of Eswatini anticipates the arrival of the groom and his entourage (Bayeni) to mark the start of the three day Lobola Ceremony. The groom (uMyeni) and his entourage are collectively referred to as Bayeni (grooms/inlaws).

About Swati Lobola Ceremony

The Swati Lobola Ceremony is a three day colorful and vibrant affair characterized by song, dance and feasting. It is the culmination of a previous process in which the groom’s family visits the bride’s family to initiate discussions that conclude in an agreement on the number of cows that the groom’s family should give to the bride’s family as a token of appreciation for having the bride join their new family. Lobola is given by the groom’s family also as a sign of commitment to creating and maintaining a healthy relationship between the two marrying families. The lobola ceremony is held at the bride’s home from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

I used to take pictures to make people believe in me. Now, I take pictures to make people believe in the subject of my photographs. My aim is to share my point of view about something, and also what I am feeling about it. But what's important for me is to capture the spirit and soul of the subject I am photographing.   Many reasons influenced my decision to pursue photography as a career mainly those based on what I had experienced as a child. Although it wasn’t a profession I had intended to pursue, but I am glad I did because it turned out to be more of a calling than I could ever have imagined. I realized very early in my career that women make the news everyday and more often than not as victims of patriarchy, tradition, violence and poverty. Being woman gives me an added advantage in better telling other women’s stories. It is our responsibility as women photographers to tell women stories as they are, not as they seem to be. Together we share a powerful experience, and daily we are faced with challenges that only us can document with complete fairness and feeling.

UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Southern Eastern Africa.

SouthAfrica l French Development Agency/ Agence Franciase de Developpement (AFD).

Email: neontsoma@gmail.com

Cell: +27 79 126 2515

Web: www.neontsomaproductions.com

Instagram: @neontsoma

Twitter: @neontsoma

Facebook: Neo Ntsoma Productions

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