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The Protests (Part 1)

Nolan Septer | Colorado, United States

A protester who was just tear gassed, gets a milk solution sprayed into her eyes to subdue the effects. 5/29/2020

This body of work documents the protests that ensued in Denver, Colorado following the murder of George Floyd. These photographs were captured on the 29th and 30th of May, just days after the unjust death occurred in Minneapolis. I felt it was important and necessary to see with my own eyes what was happening in the city that I live in, and what I saw wasn't always pretty, but it was powerful. People were angry, and rightly so. There were chants, moments of silence, fear of the tear gas and rubber bullets flying through the air, pure chaos at times. The contempt for the injustice in our country was palpable, and that acted as the glue that united the protesters. Although that sense of unity was evident, so too was the division between the people and the police.These images are an honest representation of what I witnessed while I was there.

Email: septerphotography@gmail.com

Website: www.septerphoto.com

Instagram: @nolansepter


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