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Thirst For Homeland

Obasola Bamigbola | Ogun State, Nigeria

Edwin Taylor is the Chairman of the Liberian refugees in Oru International Refugee Camp, Ogun State, Nigeria. He has committed himself to the welfare of other refugees in the camp for more than 6 years since after the refugees were evicted from the main camp (that accommodated over 6,000 Liberian and Sierra Leonean refugees) to a smaller part of the camp; lacking basic amenities. In June 2012, the Nigerian Government shut down the camp after a cessation clause was triggered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on the basis that the peace and stability in the countries was restored after bitter civil conflict. Taylor posed in front of the building that now serves as the main camp for the refugees.

According to Edward Said 'Exile is a complex phenomenon for those who experience it and is caused most times by the dystopian conditions at home and worsened by the insatiable desires abroad’

Since the turn of the twentieth century, violence and conflict have become major factors contributing to the displacement of millions of people worldwide (especially in Africa). A fair few of these have been forced into exile. It is estimated that in sub Saharan Africa alone up to 18.4 million people in 2017 have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict. These diaspora communities often denied access to basic human needs and freedom.

‘Thirst for Homeland’ explores the story of former Liberian and Sierra Leonean refugees in Oru International Refugee Camp, Nigeria. Their experiences in exile, survival strategies, sense of belonging and identity and their willingness to either return to their homeland or integrate and settle in an alien country; despite the failure of the ‘classical durable’ solutions (repatriation, local integration, and resettlement) by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the National Commission For Refugees.

I am a social documentary photographer with focus on people and their
habitual environment.<>

I currently live in Nigeria, but my career has taken me to other nations and my works have reached international audiences.<>

I am a member of African Photojournalism Database, GTBank Art635 Gallery, The Nlele Institute mentorship program (under the mentorship of Uche-Okpa Iroha)and alumni of FotoFactory.Lagos.<>

I strongly believe a photographer’s role in the society is to reshaping the world with the
ability to see what others cannot.

Website: www.obasola.com

Email: obasolaphotography@gmail.com<>

Mobile: +2348034965884<>

Instagram: @obasolabamigbola<>

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