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Otuke Charles Ologeh | LAGOS, Nigeria



It all started with a conversation about the changing face of the city of Lagos attaining the status of a megacity and if this metamorphism could extend to Oshodi (a suburb) having such a dreadful history of cruelty; These argument stirred up the desire to tell the stories told in various homes about Oshodi with Images to be able to preserve this monumental point of exchange in Lagos forever.
Over the years (2002-2020), Oshodi has evolved in different forms as a result of government outlook on the environment. Oshodi in time past was associated with high level criminality and different level of petty thievery. More recently, due to the infrastructural development such as electricity, good roads, the level of safety has improved considerably.
Trade in Oshodi is one major attracting force, due to the fact that it is a one stop point for all trading and a major transport hub for the city of Lagos. These factors made Oshodi a point of importance  Traders come in from different part of West Africa to buy and sell in Oshodi.

Ologeh Otuke Charles
Jan 20, 2020


                                                   Silence in Oshodi
                                                            Is like
                                               Waiting for the eclipse
                                                          Each day
                             Where neither day nor night makes a difference
                                      Oshodi sleeps and wakes at 3 A.M.
                                            Leaving no space for silence.
                                                           In Oshodi
                                                   Noise is fully at home
                                              Peace is absent from the air…
                                                        At least for now!
                             KETU-OJOTA-MILE 12…. MUSHIN…AIRPORT                                                       ROAD…AGEGE…AJUWON
                     These and many more destinations are the lyrics of music
                          That harmonizes the symphony of scattered chords
                                Which becomes a classical symphony of noise
                                                     Associated with Oshodi
                                                   A radius of kilometers away
                                                                You hear
                                  Making a strange melody of sameness toward her
                                                   From yellow buses
                                         Aligned in deranged letters from above
                                                With Molue and Danfo drivers
                                          Driving in a manner only known to them
                                                                 As right
                                                     There is so much activity
                                                       Of men doing nothing
                                          And calls of traders wanting attention
                                         With greed in the eyes of those in sight
                                              And tension on you the on looker
                                         Not knowing from where trouble could lay                                                              In search of strange faces
                                                                    To scare.
                                                                                                                   Ologeh Otuke Charles



TELEPHONE: +234 803 3373 240



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