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A Walking Tour Through The Eighth District in Budapest, Hungary-Roma

Pamela Calore | Hungary


A Walking Tour through the Eighth District in Budapest.

The goal is to educate visitors about the area and to dispel racial myths about the Roma Community.

The walking tour was led by Bettina a Roma community youth guide, from the UCCU, Roma Informális Oktatási Alaptívány Foundation. Also joining us on the walk was a college group of 25 students visiting from South Africa. Bettina our guide described the history of the area as well as the community that lives in district eight in the city of Budapest. The focus of the walking tour is to inform visitors of the Roma history in the community and to reveal the daily life and struggle that the Roma youth face acquiring an education and in perusing career opportunities. The discussion continued in the Aurora Cafe, a meeting place social activism.   

I am a documentary photographer and artist. I use a variety of mediums in my work with photography being the main component. My documentary work focuses on the historical and social issue of labor, immigration, and trade. My documentary filmTotal Truck has been aired on theLaborLink TV Channel(LLTV) in La Jolla, California, UCSD, and was featured alongside my mixed media work titled “Personal to Public” in a one-person exhibit at the Workman Circle in Los Angeles, CA. An extension of this research led to my photographing the mills and factories in New England. The photographs became the exhibit titled “Time has Left its Mark,” which was featured in a one-person show at theNew Bedford Art Museum in 2011.” A photo essay titled “Invisible Cities” was also produced.

My art is exhibited in universities, cultural centers, galleries, and museums, and, most recently, at The American Labor Museum in Haledon, New Jersey. My photos have appeared in several newspapers, articles in Amnesty International, and documentary films such asSin Fronteras/Without Borders, directed by Giorgio Serafini; this film recently won Best Feature Documentary at the Atlantic City Cinefest.

To find out more and to schedule, a walking tour, visit the UCCU website:http://www.uccualapitvany.hu/



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