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Boston Pride 2019

Paul Marotta | Boston Massachusetts, United States

Two women pause to kiss during the 2019 Boston Pride Parade and Festival in front of a religious protestor who vehemently claimed they would burn in hell for their way of life and their actions.

I've covered parades and protests for several years now in Boston on assignment for Getty Images and the 2019 Pride Parade and Festival somehow seemed different. This was year 49 for the Boston events and also marked the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. The energy level is higher than it has ever been, organizers estimated between 750,000 and 1,000,000 people attended, many non LGBTQ people attended and particpated, and many more young people than ever particpated, ever more unafraid to support their friends or come out as the human beings they are. Sadly events of this scale in this current political climate also brings to the surface displays of intolerence and lack of acceptance. Religious protestors marked the parade route and were vehement in their disapproval. These moments happened and as an agency photojournalist I could not ignore them and in fact am required to captrure those moments as dispassionately as possible as well.

Paul Marotta on assigment for Getty Images

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