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COVID-19 Bad Dream

Przemyslaw Stroinski | Antrim, Northern Ireland

View from Falls Road.

It's one of the series of photographs which I've done in first weeks of COVID-19 lockdown in West Belfast, Northern Ireland.

West Belfast is a special part of city which is placed close and partly on Belfast Hills, it's the geographical reason that this part of Belfast actually doesn't have any suburbs. It's from my landscape photographer perspective especially interesting place.

First weeks of lockdown in Belfast, COVID-19 Bad Dream.

First weeks of lock down were shocking. It was city of ghosts without ghosts. Most of media reports were scary enough to close people in houses even without govermentwarrants. City was looking like from post apocalyptic movie set. Empty streets, geverments alerts on billboard and closed and empty fast food restaurant before always full of people make that city was looking like from bad dream.




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