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The Herdsmen We Know

Ralph Eluehike | Nigeria


Nigeria as a nation has been infiltrated with different terror groups. It is no longer a news that some Fulani herdsmen are on evil rampage in the southern and middle belt part of the nation. These evil perpetrators are known to move around with AK47 and other sophisticated weapons and ammunitions of various kinds and capacity.

The herdsmen we know as a project, focuses on the original Fulani herdsmen in their noble and easy going nomadic lifestyle as we have always known them. They move from one community to another with their cattle and there is always an air of friendship and coexistence between them and the host communities. They are well know with their sticks on their shoulders which serve as a control and caution to the cattle. This is an ongoing project which intends to serve as a reenactment in bringing back to the mind of the people the true and original image of the herdsmen we know.

Email: ralpheluehike@gmail.com

Blog: www.ralpheluehike.wordpress.com

Facebook: @Eluehike Ralph Fadas

Instagram: @ralph.eluehike

Ralph Eluehike started his photography career in the year 2013 after participating in a Photo Summer School organized by African Artists Foundation, AAF under the tutelage of Eva Maria Ocherbauer. Thereafter, he has been a participant and member of Fotofactory Lagos from 2016 to present.

He is currently a mentee of The Nlele Institute under the tutelage and mentorship of Uche Okpa" Iroha and Ologeh Otuke Charles.

He has been opportuned to exhibit his works at various photography events such as FotoParty Lagos, etc.

In 2018, his work "Shadows of Domestic Work‟ was shown at Xanana Gusmao Reading Room, Museum and Art Gallery, Dili, Timor Leste.

2018, Shadows of Domestic Work II, his personal project made the shortlist of Contemporary African Photography Prize, CAPPRIZE.

2018, his work "Shadows Within‟ was shown in an exhibition “I Be Person I No Be Number” at the John & June Allcott Gallery, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Ralph Eluehike‟s mission as an artist is to be a bridge between the seen and unseen, the recognized and unrecognized in addressing political, economic, religious and social issues.

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