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Takiwātanga "in their own space and time"

Ralph Piezas | New Zealand

There are currently international indications that the incidence of ASD may be rising, however, it is unclear whether this change is due to an actual increase,  increased awareness, or changes in the interpretation of the diagnostic criteria.

In 2018 The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a biannual report which estimates the prevalence of autism among children (8 years old) in the United States. This report estimates a 15% increase in prevalence nationally: from 1 in 68 children two years previously to 1 in 59 children,  
In New Zealand based on international data, there is an estimated prevalence rate of 1-2%, approximately 40,000 individuals have autism

Throughout the past two years, I've been observing and interacting with children with autism. I was able to observe more than 20 kids and spent more than 8 hours with them almost every day.

This photo essay is my understanding of the interesting and idiosyncratic world of Autism through images of candid moments of children with autism.

Spectrum Care

Altogether Autism

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