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The Other Egyptians

Rebecca Soliman | Sinai, Egypt

Bedouin Women from the Mzena tribe

Egypt. An ancient high culture. A stronghold for tourism. An embodiment of the 2011 Arab Revolution. But there is another Egypt. The Sinai. 61,100 km2 in area. A vast desert peninsula. An area beyond the writ of Cairo.

The territory of the Bedouin. Lately, a land full of horrible stories. In the media.Terrifying images and news. About kidnapped tourists. Human trafficking. Drug dealing. Terrorist camps. And amongst it all - the Bedouin women and children.

Forgotten people in a country full of crime and violence ?

Once, a land famous for its nature. Popular with tourists. And today ? A land with a lost reputation ? A land with a lost population ?Despite their difficult life situation - the Bedouin women remain strong and dignified. Human beings rather than victims. That is how I wanted them to appear. That is what serves them right in my opinion. 


I am of mixed origin. Half German. Half Egyptian. An artist. An anthropologist. An activist. A person with a strong interest in issues. Social. Political. Cultural. Art as a tool. To overcome barriers. Like language. Religion. Ethnicity. To create bridges. To raise awareness. To stimulate discussion. Between different people. Of different age. Different gender. Different backgrounds. Different beliefs.

Art for Dialogue and development.

My creative expression – poetry and photography. An art in league with life. Life that writes itself. Black and White. And sometimes colour. Places and faces. Sometimes abstract. Life. Still life. Street life. Documental and narrative. Sometimes with a twist. Storytelling. About the ordinary. And the extraordinary in the ordinary. Life’s circumstances and conditions. Forgotten and hidden aspects of a culture. A place. Aesthetical but Critical. To create a new perception of reality. Of life.

Rebecca Soliman

London, UK

Berlin, Germany

Phone in the UK: 0044 7929 408057

E-mail: rebecca_soliman@gmx.net

Website: http://rebeccasoliman.squarespace.com/


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