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On the anniversary of my profound confusion

Reece T. Williams | United States


"On the anniversary of my profound confusion," is my earnest attempt to not only chronicle the 2020 marches for Black lives and living, but to understand how, and why this moment, out of all the moments, was chosen as “a reckoning.”


I wrestled with this question — this burden of knowing, that when Laquan was killed in 2016, the world did not feel like it stopped — while covering the demonstrations: not just why, but how only now? At the time I’m writing this, I do not have an answer.

Reece T. Williams is a photographer and writer from the great Black-American town of Greenburgh, NY. He isinterested in telling stories about culture as expressed through traditions, rituals, and art forms.

Reece T. Williams


From Greenburgh, NY; based in Brooklyn

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