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The hunt

Reza Mir | Canada

Dense boreal forests of northern Canada - home of the porcupine caribou.

This is a photo series from the Canadian tundra north of the Arctic Circle. Every season, this immense arctic plain is a stage on which the drama of life and death is played out right in front of one’s eyes. Here, the original human inhabitants of the land, the Vuntut Gwitchin and the Inuit First Nations people of Canada, follow the centuries-old tradition of caribou hunting which forms a vital part of their social and cultural heritage. The Porcupine caribou migrate each season between their calving grounds near the Beaufort Sea in Alaska and their winter pastures in the Yukon. For the First Nations people, the caribou meat is an essential source of food in the winter, while the bones, antlers, and the fur provide the raw material to make tools, artwork, and clothing. The sustainable hunt is a way of passing on cultural traditions and providing continuity in an unforgiving environment, where the survival of the community depends on shared values and practices.

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