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Damn, This Neighborhood Is Changing

Ric Francis | Norway

A Norwegian woman, wearing a hijab, and a young boy walk through Tøyen Square. The square has been renovated with cafes and restaurants.

The neighborhoods of Tøyen and Grønland border one another; they have long been home to working class and minority Norwegians - walking distance to central Oslo.

One of the things that many newcomers find appealing about the area is its ethnic diversity. However gentrification has forced many minority Norwegians to relocate elsewhere - transforming the neighborhoods into growing enclaves for upperclass Norwegians.


Ric Francis is a freelance photojournalist. Originally from the U.S. he has lived abroad since 2009, working throughout South America and Africa, while based in Peru, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Norway

He is committed to creating a visual journal that speaks of the resilience, normalcy, estrangement and injustice that characterizes the live of people disparaged as Other, as he collects evidence of our shared humanity. His photographs are an expression of awareness and a highlight of the evidence he has gathered.


+47 456 93 868

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