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The skin does not lie

Ricardo Castro Castro | Mexico City, Mexico

They are one of the many peasant and indigenous organizations looking for their rights recognition.

Mexico is agitated. The country is facing social transformations and conflicts. Those changes go from new ways of legislation to violence linked to drug trafficking and corruption. This convoluted context has fostered demonstrations, along with social and political movements all over the country. 

There are also social movements that ask for concrete claims, such as land rights. Taking this into account, this essay shows people from the Movement of the 400 nations. They are one of the many peasant and indigenous organizations looking for their rights recognition. Their way to voice their demands is dancing half naked in urbans Mexican roads. Yet, this movement has been also criticized by questing its leaders. In this respect, the public opinion has expressed that they are using the members of the group to achieve their own benefits. Therefore, this movement has been compared to a circus or a fake montage.

Anyway, the resistance annoys, invites, and provokes sympathy as well as criticism. Fair or not, political manipulation or social hope ... the skin does not lie and here is its truth.

Costa Rican photographer and social researcher based on Mexico. Independent photographer and social researcher in several organizations such as Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, University of Costa Rica, Interamerican Human Rights Institute, Guadalajara Music Festival, International Committee of the Red Cross and the Institute for Social Research S.C. In the latter, Photographer in the photographic research named Illustration of Mexican families, which was published in 2012. Currently are a professional photographer at Nikon México and instructor at Mexico Nikon School.

Ricardo Castro 


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Instagram: @npsricardo

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