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Forbidden Poems (Tierra Cuba)

Richard Andrew Sharum | Cuba

A man points to his favorite spot in the bay used for fishing. Puerto Esperanza, Cuba. January, 2016.


A long term project initially documenting the Campesino people, the least documented and rural population in Cuba, and their techniques for agriculture. Since 2017 and the return of Cold War rhetoric, it has transitioned into an attempt at portraying a universal humanity and empathy that has the power to transcend all borders and knows no policies of division. The decades-long economical strife imposed on the most vulnerable of these people requires coverage on an ethical level and demands the subjects be given a chance on the universal stage of human love, life, and liberty. This project aims at building an emotional bridge between my land and theirs, inexorably tying their fate to ours in a frustrated desire to know each other, despite the signs of another imminent separation.



I believe the camera is a sacred instrument, which simultaneously holds the humility of an anvil as well the power of a hammer. The documentation of history for posterity and the educative process have been the main drivers for my work, both in learning and in showing, since 2006. In my opinion, education leads to empathy, which is the first step in any change for social good or justice.


IG- @richard_andrew_sharum


+1 972.951.7448


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