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En Foco Photographer

Let Me Sow Love

Roger Richardson | United States


Let Me Sow Love is a direct result of the growing sociopolitical and racial divide in the United States. As a firm believer in social and political progress, I feel as though as a nation, we’ve lost our footing on the path towards change and growth. As an artist of color, I feel an unbearable need to document this growing divide. A culture of anxiety and fear has spread rampantly over the place I call home. Rather than actively searching for evidence of the divide, I chose to take a more meditative approach to in making these photos. Realizing photography can be used as a tool for emotional healing, self-reflection, and mindfulness. In some ways, these photos are a culmination of different things I am trying to keep hold of in turbulent times. In other ways, the work functions as a way for me to stay connected to a world that I’ve grown extremely wary of. 

Roger Richardson (b. 1993) is a photographer based in the Hudson Valley New York. He attended SUNY Purchase where he earned his BFA in Photography. Working in a documentary style, his work primarily involves engaging in communities, focusing on the everyday. His hopes aren’t to use photography as a way to fully understand the world, but as an entryway in which he can honestly connect with the world around him.



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