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The Market is Closed

Saeed Kiaee | tehran, Iran

People are always on the move ... Their real face is hidden behind the pace

This article is about the Grand Bazaar in Tehran, Iran.

Although Tehran's Grand Bazaar economic influence has diminished somewhat in recent years, it remains the largest market of its kind in the world.

The Grand Bazaar is a historical market situated in the capital of Iran, Tehran. A bazaar is a type of marketplace, although many - such as Tehran's Grand bazaar - fulfill many additional functions rather than merely trade. Throughout its history, the Grand bazaar has played host to banks and financiers, mosques and guest houses.

The Grand Bazaar is located in southern Tehran; its many corridors are over 10 km in length. There are several entrances, some of which are locked and guarded at night.

These images show the movement of people in Tehran, which has been closed for the day. The people who once lived in this place with market traders, Tehran and the market economy was also a place to work and live together for the common people.

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