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Living with hazard

Samiran Chakraborty | Bangladesh


Hazaribagh is the area of tannery industry at Dhaka in Bangladesh. Tannery industries of Hazaribagh are situated in the densely populated residential area. Around 206 leather tanneries from Hazaribagh will either shut down their operations, or shift to a different part with 30,000 workers and equipment’s moving simultaneously. A way of life will soon vanish from the area, but no one seems to protest. Most of the workers from these tanneries work in primitive situation. These kinds of tanneries are a hallmark of this place. Workers without any protective clothing walk around the tanneries handling corrosive chemicals. Most of them do not wear boots or gloves, and handle the machinery with bare hands. No one wears a mask, and there are no safety fountains for eye-washing. Their homes are built very close to the streams that are regularly being contaminated by the hazardous disease of these tanneries.

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