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Recovery: Life in Sierra Leone after Ebola

Sara B. May | Freetown, Sierra Leone

A father walks his daughter to school in the George Brook neighborhood of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Education of the youngest generation of Sierra Leoneans has become the country's cornerstone of hope for recovery moving forward.

Post-Ebola media coverage has focused upon how international relief efforts could help rebuild the ravaged Sierra Leone economy and healthcare systems. However, the heart of the story remains how Sierra Leoneans are confronting their fears of exposure to regain their sense of place within their communities. For the past 2 years, learning one's ABC's meant complying with public health directives to "Avoid Body Contact". In the aftermath of Ebola, many Sierra Leoneans struggled with lingering fears of crowded public areas. My project examined how the simple acts of re-entering public spaces--visiting friends, hailing a taxi, gathering at the beach, sending your children to school, going to work, navigating human touch—comprise not only a celebration of community, but also a courageous step towards restoring the emotional and communal bonds that have historically defined this country's culture. While the shadow of Ebola will haunt this nation for years to come, the resilience and passion of the people should be at the heart of the coverage moving forward.

These images were taken in conjunction with Momenta Project Sierra Leone 2015 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Photo © Sara B. May/Momenta Workshops 2015.

We Yone Child Foundation: www.weyonechildfoundation.org


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