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"I have never been hungry and I've never been cold. I've never ever stolen"

Sarah Hoskins | United States

Roadside Stand
Helen's Preserves on the sideboard of the truck for sale

I met G and his wife Helen back in 2006, selling homemade preserves, tomatoes and whatever else they might have. Conversations struck up and so it began. Invitations up to the old homestead, no running water until 2014, it wasn’t plumbed until 2015, the year G died. <>

In 2008, a week before Thanksgiving my husband lost his job, we were devastated. Emotionally and financially. I had recently repaired an old photo of G on his favorite old horse. When I gave it to him he tried to pay me but I refused. G told me once, "I get $231 a week from social security, not bad for someone with a fourth grade education." 

Two days before Thanksgiving there was a knock on our door, UPS handed me a 20 lb. box. Packed and taped and nested inside was an embroidered pillowcase with a country ham inside. It must have cost a fortune to ship. There was also a note, “Love you all and God Bless. I hope you enjoy the ham as much as we do.”

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