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Sean Josahi Brown | Brownsville, Brooklyn, United States

Sisters, Synceriti and Skylah

Proud captures six siblings and the ways they navigate their childhood while living in poverty. Through their bonds with one another and their own imaginations, the children find purpose, escape and joy no matter the conditions. This project gives representation for those making the most out of nothing.

I met these kids in 2019 when they lived in a shelter and the togetherness between them instantly stood out to me. As I document the hard reality of poverty, I witness children who are filled with love, innocence and beauty. Poverty is visible for all to see, but often overlooked is the dignity, spirit and hope that continues to live despite the desperate battle for survival. It's an honor to share this part of their story as each one of these kids have touched my heart and mean a great deal to me. (This is an ongoing project). 

Email: seanjosahibrown@gmail.com

Website: www.seanjosahibrown.com 

IG @seanjosahibrown

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