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The Bedouins | Sinai, Egypt

Sharon Zobali | Egypt


While living in Tel-Aviv, I would often travel to South Sinai, Egypt, to live amongst and document the nomadic Bedouin tribe. The Bedouins are a group of nomadic Arab people who historically have inhabited the desert regions in North Africa and different parts of the Middle East including Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. My photography series portrays the life of the Bedouin community living in the desert of South Sinai in the towns of Dahab, Nuweiba and Ras Abu Galum and their unique cultural practices such as camel herding.

Born and raised in New York, I followed my heart and left the US to embarked on numerous adventures around the world in order to photograph documentary series in the North and South of Egypt staying with the nomadic tribe, the Bedouins, traveling all around Thailand, living in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel and staying with the Kuna Yala tribe on the Kuna Yala Islands off the coast of Panama.


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