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Life As Work

Simone Pasotti | italia, Thailandia - Vietnam - Indonesia - Marocco

Indonesia - Bird and animal market.

Life as Work wants to explore the blurred boundaries between private and public sphere in productive and commercial realities. It does it through focusing on one of the most intimate human acts: sleeping.


It was during my recent visits to markets in Vietnam, Thailand and Morocco that I started to observe how the extremely public and exhibitory space of the market was utilised by shop owners also as a domestic intimate space for private activities. A preliminary photographic exploration of these spaces resulted in a series of pictures where the camera’s gaze on the sleeping human body emerges as an ambiguous element. On the one hand, the photographed sleeping bodies retained their private and intimate nature, amplifying the camera’s inherent voyeurism; on the other, the same bodies emerged as non-animated elements, coherent with the commercial space they inhabit, unperturbed by the fetishising gaze.



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