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Freedom From Lockdown

Sonia Anne Ellem | Queensland, Australia

A group of young men gathers to share stories, fun, laughter, and freedom. They’ve been in lockdown and home-schooled for almost 12 months. Now free to enjoy each other’s company and do what they love best.

As Australian's, we know that compared to people from other countries, we've had it pretty good during COVID times.

Yes, we've experienced all the usual distancing, isolation, lockdowns, border closures, quarantine, and travel restrictions. But not for so long, and not as severe as in other countries.

Our ‘far-flung culture’ - multi-cultural society, and vast, wide-open spaces, is populated by residents living great distances from family and friends. We've not been able to visit one-another and isolation and loneliness have reigned. 

My series, ‘Freedom from Lockdown’, depicts the joy and elation of a group of young coastal dwellers who recently escaped the confines of their homes, enjoying each other's company, and getting ready to return to school in two days' time. 

Canon 77D | Tamron 18-400 


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