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Caught Between Poverty and Politics (Part 2)

Stephen Boyle | Greece

Afghan migrant in his apartment.
October 2012

This exhibit constitutes photographs from the third leg of my work with migrants in Greece. During this visit I was working with Afghan migrants, who spend most of their time hiding in apartments and flats for fear of arrest for lack of documents, or attack by racists groups. Racist attacks against migrants are as common as ever, and now include the use of attack dogs, a hallmark of racist groups the world over.

However, its important to look at this situation from its perspective within the wider Greek social context. The increase in xenophobia in Greece is born of uncertainty and fear among Greeks, not from the influx of migrants, but from unstable economic circumstance and also a growing suspicion among Greeks that the Dublin II regulations, requiring migrants to apply for asylum in the first EU country of arrival, are requiring Greece to share the greater burden of immigrants at a time when they cannot afford to do so.

To see a more detailed abstract on this issue, please read the abstract in my previous exhibit.socialdocumentary.net/exhibit/Stephen_Boyle/1548


The Afghan Community in Greece

Stephen Boyle

Dublin, Ireland

Tel 00 353 89 4278929

Email: stepboyles@yahoo.com

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