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Restricted Places

Ted Ostrowski | Canada

Resticted Places

If you ever wondered how weapons are developed, defensive or offensive weapons then think of Proving Grounds. Experimental Proving Grounds tend to be in areas that have a very low population density and away from eyesight and earshot of curious neighbours. They are in wide expanses of open country and are littered with testing sites active and dormant. All of this happens outside the public eye. For good reason. In this series I am not identifying individulas or what happens at these sites, I am documenting the area and test sites dormant and active, waiting for science to evaluate the next line of defence against percieved and real threats or simply areas being reclaimed by nature long after the tests are concluded. 

I was employed as a photographer by the government, mostly I was tasked with high speed photography during trials but also real time video and still photography. During my last year or so I began to feel a certain nostalgia to the landscape and that inhabited it, so on my own time I photographed the landscape, the weather and the rusting hulks in the landscape. I am not giving away any secrets here, none of this is classified. It is a personal log and record of a time and place in which I once lived and worked. 

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