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In the spaces of the dead and where others are born

Tendai Marima | Zimbabwe

A soldier walks along the highway of Skyline Valley, the main aid point at sunrise during the rescue phase of Cyclone Idai. Skyline has one of the most breathtaking views in Zimbabwe, but the valleys below also hold many dead bodies. More than 250 people died in Zimbabwe and scores more remain unaccounted for.

In the spaces of the dead and where others are born

This is an evolving documentary project on to remember those who died and those who were born during periods of a climate emergency in Southern Africa. Begun in 2019, the project documents the narratives surrounding those who died and those who were born during Cyclones Idai and Cylone Kenneth in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Time may have moved on, but some lives and some landscapes remain haunted by the dead. The search for the bodies of the missing continues in Zimbabwe while across the border in Mozambique, amid the double disaster of Idai and Kenneth, many babies were born. Despite loss, new life helps others to move on with cautious optimism of what the future holds.

Tendai Marima is a multimedia journalist covering sub-Saharan Africa who is a text writer, but has evolved into visual reportage. She has reported from east and southern Africa covering issues of climate change, politics and migration. Some of her pictures and photo essays have been featured by international publications such as Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle and NPR. On social media, she is contributor to @EverydayZimbabwe and @EverydayAfrica.

Tendai Marima


Twitter & Instagram: @i_amten

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