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Old age - coming alone?

Tero Leponiemi | Estonia

What is interesting and fascinating in aging? Is it the furrows in the face, or glance in the eye? Elderly people are those members in the society, who have witnessed the differences in all its varieties the most. One of my characters, who was born at czarist times, has seen the first republic of Estonia, Soviet time, German occupation and new independence and aspires to integrate into West. How can a person cope with so many different regimes – and give his signature to the social agreement? How our elderly generation has coped with changing times, changing society and culture?

Getting older is often accompanied by deteriorating health, aching joints, and sometimes it grasps from one’s heart. Despite that, memories and primarily feelings can be as colourful and warm, as earlier. A phone call from a child, visit from grandchildren or birthday greetings do not change throughout different ages or world orders. Warmness of people, close to you, is a bridge, lasting all ages.


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