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Life in Bazarhathnoor

Tharun Adurugatla | India

A little village girl is moving from one house to another. In such growing stage there is no scope for schooling.

Adilabad is a tribal dominated district in the Telangana state in India. There are 509 habitats in Adilabad. Residents of the habitats, especially expectant mothers, patients and school students, are facing many problems in reaching nearby towns and mandal headquarters. People are scared to travel through rough and uneven terrains to reach nearby towns. There are no pathways either in many villages. Despite repeated appeals to the state government, the hardships of the villagers continue. There are 478 habitats in 18 mandals of Adilabad district which do not have proper roads. Surprisingly, there are no pathways in 84 habitats in the Adilabad. People are facing problems to travel to far off places on record of no proper roads. Dedra is one of those habitats where I started to document the life of those villagers and visited a total eight villages named Mankhapur, Gosai Umada G, Thukka pally, Jallu guda, Rampur, Chitha karra and Gokonda.

The purpose of the documentary is to bring miserable conditions of people of the bazarhathnoor rural area into the limelight.

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