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Pandemic in Focus

Easter in New York City During COVID-19

Thomas Hengge | New York, United States

Antonio Oliveira walks up 5th avenue dressed as Bugs Buddy in a hazmat suit, April 12, 2020. Photo by Thomas Hengge

Every year on Easter Sunday, 5th Avenue in Manhattan comes alive, packed for the annual Easter Bonnet Parade, a celebration featuring elaborative colorful costumes to celebrate Easter and welcome Spring to the boroughs in typical over-the-top New York-style.

In addition to celebrations on the streets, roughly 2,000 churches around the boroughs hold Easter Sunday services, the most famous being St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

But this year, with COVID-19 ravaging New York, the now epicenter of the world’s coronavirus outbreak, there was no parade, no services, nothing that would reflect a celebration.

This is Easter Sunday in New York City during COVID-19.

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