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Christian's Fight Club - boxing your fears away

Tom Sal | Mexico

Organization: mvv

Discover your strength, believe in yourself. - There's a lot we can do, this is not a nice place. Life is not easy here, nothing is easy here. Nobody wants to live here any more. But to be a boxer is to challenge yourself - says Christian. We challenge our bodies and minds, it's all in the head.

La Merced, Mexico City – Christian, a professional boxer, and his son organised an open-air gym; 10 minute walk from the historic centre, just by busy bus station connecting the city with the South of the country. His idea is to remove kids away from the toxic environment of the streets dominated by drug dealers, prostitutes as well as unemployed and homeless immigrants from Central America.

The arch under they practise was founded years ago by one of the most powerful "narcos" in the area. Apparently the guy is very religious and was in a desperate need of protection from the competition and their hitman.

Unfortunately Christian is alone, he gets no support from the government what-so-ever. “We want to create a healthy space, where kids can build-up self confidence and learn to control their emotions. It's not easy in a place like this, but this is my neighbourhood, to an extent my responsibility” - says Christian.

The day we were taking photos, less than 500 meters away drunk ex-military shot dead 5 people. Simply because he lost his temper.

Collaboration: Erika Samayoa

Pro bono project in order to help Christian develop and promote his Fight Club. It's the only initiative in La Merced, which protects youth from the influence of criminals who control the area.


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