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Tommy Rabearivelo | Gauteng, Madagascar

Bebe sy ny Jeano 'Zanaka Antrano'. Zanaka antrano is a Malagasy term that refers to a person that is not related to the family but has been accepted by the family as a member of the family.
Sometimes that person is a close friend, a neighbor or an employee.


Homesick is a term that must not be taken for its literal meaning, as this has taking a different meaning in my personal life.

Moving to South Africa from Madagascar at the age of 14, I had difficulties adapting to my new environment.

My struggles were the confusion and the uncertainty of not knowing exactly where I belong, where my home is, that was a ‘sickness’ that affected my identity.

For a long time this raised more questions than answers, the questions such as “Am I from Madagascar? But I have live here in South Africa for half of my life”, “Am I now a South African since I have lived here longer that I have lived in Madagascar?” These were just Two of the many questions that used to ask myself.

In April 2019 I travelled to Madagascar on a quest to seek answers, to re-identify with my Malagasy identity.

Through this personal journey, I discovered a fundamental aspect of Malagasy culture which is family relation and in return played a vital role in my quest.

Artist Statement

Tsioharana Nirina Rabearivelo Tommy

In a journey of self identification as a South African of a Malagasy origin I have found myself deconstructing the different layers connecting Madagascar and South Africa.

Proud of my cultural identity and understanding that cultural identity is not fixed but rather adapts itself in quite a fluid pattern, I have always looked at the common cultural practices to easily identify myself, at the same time embrace the differences to continuously adapt in the South African landscape.

This notion of thought has ignited a mission to venture the different environments and explore the dual spaces Madagascar and South Africa.

Inspired by the works of many great South African Photographers such as Pierre Croquet de Rosemond, his ability to view a particular space that seems almost alien yet fully identity itself fully in the South Africa content.

I have used my camera as a medium to unearth the relation between the two countries.

Cellphone: +27 82 863 5486 - +27 76 406 7081


Email: madatoyou@gmail.com

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