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Cross Road

Yani deSousa | United States

Natalie Craddock and Krüe Karnbach, Highway 247 and Linn Road, Landers, CA, Dec 4, 2017

Have you ever driven by an intersection and saw something that resembled a memorial? Why are they there?

“Cross Road” hopes to explore and document a cultural ritual created as a structural sacred space for the loss of a loved ones. The loss may have been a pedestrian walking alongside the road or someone driving home after a long day at work, involved in a fatal accident, never to arrive. 

“Cross Road” is meant to question, as individuals, how we cope with the loss of a loved one. These memorial represent a place, an everlasting place connecting that individual with the living. The last place they were before they left this mortal life.

"Cross Road" intends to create a sense of awareness while driving, with the hope that more people will be more attentive and not let a simple distraction become an everlasting life-changing event.

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