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Pandemic in Focus

Singapore under the coronavirus

Yeow Kwang Yeo | Singapore

Body temperature monitoring at the entry point to ensure people don't show any COVID-19 symptom before entering into a market, supermarket or public compound.

On January 23 this year, a visitor from Wuhan was diagnosed with Singapore ’s first COVID-19. The cases of infections have since increased every day. At as today (May 16), Singapore has 27,356 confirmed cases, the majority are foreign workers stayed in crowded dormitories, making Singapore the highest confirmed cases in Southeast Asia.

This COVID-19 has unavoidably changed people live, work and socialise. People are no longer gathering in a group. Most companies and public services are now closed to prevent people from getting close physical contacts.

The epidemic seems to be here for quite a while, the new way of a daily habit of washing hands regularly, going out wearing a mask, working from home, interacting with people through the internet will become a daily routine.

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