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En Foco Photographer

America Seen

Yu-Chen Chiu | United States

America Seen, Brooklyn, New York City

AMERICA SEEN is a visual poem about the social landscape of the United States during the Trump administration. Many issues made me take a closer look at my second home: matters of race/gender, privacy/patriotism, violence/understanding. This is one of the most turbulent times in American history, and I want to capture the spirit of the era.

I visited the locales that represent America to me, from the spectacular cityscape of Manhattan, south to sultry Tennessee, farther west to the bygone town of BombayBeach, California, and up to the timeless solitude of Butte, Montana. The contrasts between the heights of glamour, the depths of decline, and the diversity of race and culture, were striking for someone who grew up in Taiwan, a small island country. The differences between the everyday souls I encountered on my journey were just as stark: from the happy dreamers to the lonely wanderers.

AMERICA SEEN is not only a self-exploration of the U.S. but documents the history of this uncertain era. Through my lens, the audience sees for themselves the divided emotions that blend together in search of the American Dream.

Yu-Chen Chiu is a Taiwan born documentary photographer and interdisciplinary artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Her work surrounded by the notion of migration and belonging. Born and raised in Taiwan, and emigrated to the United States fifteen years ago. Living as an immigrant, her experience of internalized cultural conflict has strongly influenced her artistic approach.

Yu-Chen was the fellow of En Foco 2018 Photography Fellowship. Her artwork has been exhibited worldwide at venues like the Chelsea Art Museum, and the South Street Seaport Museum in New York City, Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana, USA, and Musee du Louvre Paris, France.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yuchenchiuart/





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