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In the Shadow of the Empire

aude osnowycz | ukraine, belarus, abkhazia

Young abkhazian bride during a traditional wedding in Sukhum, self proclaimed Republic
of Abkhazia, september 2016

The photo project "In the Shadow of the Empire" is a trip along the border of Russia from Caucasus to eastern Europe, from frozen conflict in Abkhazia to the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine  and through soviet belarussian dictatorship.

This ongoing project will take me to recently annexed Crimean peninsula and break-away republic of Moldova - self-proclaimed Transnistria.

Affected by war and dictatorship, this geopolitically important region remains underreported, as the access to vital issues for western media Is often restricted by militarized authorities.

Leaaving behind the geopolitival situation and political disputes in this region, this project aims to uncover the everyday life of the people living in theses countries which culture is so rich and complex.

The prize «through woman's lens» will enable me to proceed with this project next year. I hope my application will catch your attention.

Aude Osnowycz graduated a master degree in geopolitics. After working on different jobs, she decided in 2011 to become a photojournalist.
Based in Tunis, she spent 4 years documenting the impact of the Arab Spring in the Maghreb and the Middle East sociities for various French and foreign magazines.

Her work has been exhibited in Paris at Le Petit Palais, in Strasbourg at RDVI festival and Nemours for the Femina festival. She is currently working on a long-term project about Russia-western borders, a more artistic and intimate work, questioning both the Slavic soul and her family past.

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