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danilo garcia di meo | Italy


Quatrani is the for “youngsters" used in the italian city of l'Aquila.

It has been ten years since the earthquake that shook l'Aquila, causing people to end up homeless, injured or dead.

The children of what it is now known as The Forbidden City are now 18 years of age and have grown up without a hometown, a safe place they can call ‘home’. Nevertheless, these children have managed to find a sense of belonging in the bond they share with one another. They started  calling ‘home’ the solid friendship they built by going through the same experience with remarkable strength.

When an earthquake takes away the place you are from you need to find it again. Find it where there not a thing in sight but you have nothing more to ask for than the company of your family and friends. Find it in those who love you.’

‘They say L'Aquila was beautiful, but how can I ever imagine it?’


Voices of the young people who lived through these times.

Danilo Garcia Di Meo is an italian documentary photographer.
He was born in Rome, after graduating from Arts High School and Academy of Fine Arts, he received his Master’s degree at the Leica Akademie Italy in Milan and at Officine Fotografiche in Rome studying with photo editor’s National Geographic Marco Pinna and with Lina Pallotta.After his studies, he started a freelance profession in full.
Currently working with several NGO, press agency and associations for the realization of reports, especially in the social issues; as a teacher for social photography workshops and seminars. Collaborates with Giulio Di Meo.
He takes part in Master of Photography 2019.
He receives the Gran Prix at “Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest”, won the “Moscow International Fotography Awards”, “Tokyo International Fotography Awards”, Remarkable Award at Siena International Photo Awards, “VOHH – Voice of Human and Hope”, “Slideluck – Naples” and “I love my work”.He has exposed in Moscow, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Athens, Cape Town, Chittagong, Mexico City, Istanbul, Shanghai, Ljubljana, Krasnodar (Photovista), Indian Photography Festival, Rome, Napoli, Perugia, Bologne, Ferrara.




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