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Dad, does this church have any more edge

giorgi isakadze | Georgia


today is St. George’s day and people are desire to pray. Some of them are crawling up the he hill; some of them even prefer to walk up barefoot (if you don’t walk at least a little, the sacrifice could be not accepted). The path seems to split up there: St. George church on the left  and slaughter-place on the right. Pilgrims, carrying hens or dragging sheep, firstly go to the church, light candles and make three rounds around the church, kissing every edge and every corner of it. (“Dad, does this church have any more edges?”). Afterwards when pacified they are heading to the right, towards the slaughter-field. A few men of different age, all covered with blood are standing here, holding huge sharp knives and with butcher glances, offering their services to the pilgrims who brought the sacrifice. A holly job. “10 Lari to slaughter this? It’s not a camel’’. Some pilgrims use this “service”  But some prefer doing it on their own, 

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