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High Voltage

mara catalan | NewYork, United States

Untitled. 2016

For the past two years I have been photographing a new generation of artists, spectators and performers that have now moved beyond the borders of Williamsburg to Bushwick in search of their own safe space and affordable living.  

My ongoing project High Voltage became my road to understanding a generation that has the desire to change the power balance through direct intervention on reality giving more importance to creation and participation and less to the finished product. As I wentdeeper into photographing my subjects I found a common thread between performers and spectators, they veered toward extremes to provoke themselves (and their audience) to confront social norms by giving themselves over to sexual and visual ways of participation.Over time my project has turned into an ongoing reflection of a generation alarmed by the rise of a new puritan religious social movement that is imposing restraints on sexual expression, contraception, abortion, gender and sexuality, sharply restricting the freedom of individuals.

This is their way of challenging the rules of law and defending personal freedoms,now more then ever under fire. 

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