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Hidden In Plain View

michele zousmer | Limerick City, Clare, Tipperary, Kerry and Galway County, Ireland


Returning to the Irish Traveller community a year later I  found I am now documenting a culture that is changing!                                                    My project gives insight into the life and values of this marginalized community. For many, there seems to be a daily struggle for survival. For others, their lifestyle has become ‘settled’ living in encampments set up by the government. The men sell horses and metal scraps to make a living. Women take care of their children and do housework. Many of the younger women told me they planned to wait to marry, they wanted to work, have smaller families and hoped to move out of caravans into government houses. One young housewife had her tubes tied after her 5th child.  Another couple chose to have only 1 child.  In the previous generation, women married in their teens and always had very large families, averaging 12-15 children. With research showing domestic violence at 81% and suicide rates at 55%, I found this new way of thinking to be a positive lifestyle change.                                                                                           

I use photography as a tool to change stereotypes and explore social issues. I hope my images create an impression of emotion, curiosity, caring, hope of mankind and dignity of our universal connection.  We need to increase our conversations on global diversity.





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