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Water, Clean Water Please!

mitzi mayer | California, Haiti

Water Jugs

Suitcases were loaded with soap, toothbrushes, vitamins, reader eye glasses and medical supplies like bandaids, tylenol, thermometers and blood pressure readers so the volunteer medical team I was meeting up with in Haiti could provide basic healthcare needs to locals who have no access to healthcare due to cost and transportation. 

The beautiful memories were endless, from a woman grateful for a toothbrush and toothpaste, the mother who received antibiotics for her young daughter's infection and broke down in tears from sheer relief, a woman who came in cradling an infant baby that she found days before left in a field, had convinced an already nursing mother in her village to add one more to her breast until the child was old enough to wean and then she would become "manman" (momma). 

Tormented by the never ending stories of dehydration and diarrhea it was easy to see that the most basic of needs, water... clean water was not readily accessible or available.  Those who could get it paid dearly for it and those who could not afford it, well... 

I photograph the world as purley as I can, to bring an awareness to the truths that are evidenced around us, allowing us to engage in emotions that need to be seen and felt.

Mitzi Mayer



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