Mariam (center), Mariam (left), Sallay Jalloh (back) and Zainab (right) are posing for a portrait in a room on the apartment where they are living with more girls that escaped from the Kafala System in Lebanon. All of them have come from Sierra Leone in recent years, all dreaming of a better life in another country and being able to help their families by sending them money. Most of them have children and elderly dependents in Sierra Leone who depend on their income. Even with the attempt of some countries to ban this type of exchange of girls through intermediary agents between African countries and others in the Middle East, this agents have found other ways with intermediate countries that can help them reach their final destination. It is common and well-known that some of the girls who arrive in Lebanon from African countries with bans on sending domestic workers, do so through Syria, from where they cross the border by car or on foot to enter the country.

Adri Salido Spain


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