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Although her mother has been able to secure paperwork for herself, her daughter, born in Dominican Republic, has not and faces the threat of deportation to Haiti. A ruling in 2013 by the Dominican constitutional court has denied and stripped citizenship from thousands of people who were born to parents of Haitian descent.

Amy Martin

amy_s_martin@hotmail.com 5204714712 United States

Topics of Focus

borders, endangered landscapes, indigenous voices

Geographic Areas of Focus

American Southwest, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Antarctica


As a documentary photographer, Amy uses her camera's lens to increase awareness, understanding and compassion across physical and social barriers. Amy brings depth to her work from her diverse background as a former Peace Corps volunteer in Dominican Republic, a Park Ranger at Grand Canyon, and a conservation biologist in the American Southwest. Amy pairs with conservation and humanitarian organizations, documenting their stories and raising awareness of endangered landscapes and social injustices to spark action. Amy recently completed projects exploring the issues of statelessness on the Dominican/Haitian border, latino farmworkers on the Arizona/Mexico border and the long term-effects of uranium mining on indigenous people and lands. She also teaches Identity Through Photography workshops to children from marginalized communities.